Clare Balding in TrentSchoolchildren in the village of Trent, on ECT’s Trent Estate in Dorset, recently took a walk in the countryside with a special guest – TV presenter and broadcaster Clare Balding.

Ms Balding joined pupils from Trent Youngs Endowed Primary School for their weekly Walking Club, to record an edition of her radio programme Ramblings. The programme is scheduled for broadcast on Radio 4 on March 10th at 3pm.

The club has been going for over a decade and walks are led by local farmers Stuart and Tessa Casely. The couple are also education officers with the Ernest Cook Trust’s Gore Farm Education Centre in Trent – each year they welcome thousands of children to the farm on free school visits.

Clare Balding walked around the village with a large group of children and parents, touring Gore Farm and surrounding woodlands and fields, before visiting the school to speak to pupils.

Clare Balding in Trent“The Walking Club is fantastic,” said Stuart Casely. “We meet every Friday afternoon after school, and we usually get around two dozen children and between six and ten parents coming along.”

“After their week at school the kids are ready for a good walk in the fresh air. They get good and muddy, they end up all pink-cheeked and we’re told they sleep really well on a Friday night.”

The school’s headteacher, Sarah Patterson said: “This weekly activity enables pupils to do something active, engage in conversation with each other and learn about the natural world around them. 

“Our visit from Clare Balding was a real highlight for the walking club, and was an experience thoroughly enjoyed by parents, children, staff and indeed Clare herself! What a lovely lady!’