WispaFaithful labrador retriever Wispa has been putting her skills to good use, doing her bit for the Clean for the Queen campaign in Fairford.

She was on litter-picking duty with her owner Nicholas Ford, Chief Executive of the Ernest Cook Trust, his wife Carolyn and fellow volunteers Chris Nash, Daniel Nash and Anne Smith.  

In just a couple of hours, the group filled five large bags with litter which had blown on to a lane leading to the Trust’s Fairford Estate.

“Litter is a bit of a hobby horse of mine, so it was good to get out and about on a sunny Saturday morning and do something about it,” said Mr Ford.

Clean for the Queen“Wispa couldn’t help joining in. She is a trained gun dog and retrieving is second nature, so she’s happy to pick up the occasional yoghurt carton – particularly when there’s still some yoghurt in it.”