Hare Today, Gone TomorrowA beautiful new sculpture has pride of place overlooking the millpond on the Ernest Cook Trust’s Fairford Estate in Gloucestershire.

Entitled ‘Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow’, the piece was created by education officer Peter Tatham with help from students at Farmor’s School, Fairford. It is sponsored by ECT as part of the Cotswold Hare Trail.

This is one of over 80 hare statues currently forming a trail throughout the Cotswolds. The colourful hares will be auctioned off later this year with proceeds going to the National Star College at Ullenwood.

The five-foot-tall statues start out as blank canvasses to decorate. But while other artists painted or created mosaics with their hares Peter took a more ambitious approach, cutting away part of its fibreglass body and re-forming it.

“I thought it looked quite melancholy with its head back and ears back, so I wanted to exaggerate that,” he says.

Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow “I thought of disappearing hare numbers and that they might vanish entirely if we’re not careful. And hares are so elusive – you often catch a quick glimpse of them and they’re gone.”