The Ernest Cook Trust gives grants to registered charities, schools and not-for-profit organisations wishing to encourage young people’s interest in the countryside and the environment.

Re-focusing of ECT Grants
Following a review of the work of The Ernest Cook Trust in 2018, the Trustees have agreed that the Trust should focus its grant giving activity on inspiring young people to achieve better educational and life outcomes by learning from the land.

As a result, the Trust will now concentrate on projects relating to learning from the land.

Projects that fall within the categories of arts, literacy and STEM remain welcome, but must demonstrate a clear link to learning from the land in their application.

This new focus for grants will apply to all applications considered at grants meetings from 2019 onwards.

All applications are expected to link in with either the National Curriculum or with recognised qualifications.

A large grants programme for awards of up to £12,000 and a small grants programme for awards of under £4,000 operate throughout the year.

Each year the ECT Trustees give up to £2m to support hundreds of educational projects throughout the UK. Click here to download a list showing a selection of recent grant recipients.