Milford Junior School, Yeovil – visit to Trent Farm, Dorset

Carol-Lynn Rye, Y4 teacher:

“It was a brilliant, brilliant day. We have been on lots of trips and this was certainly the best, no doubt about it.

“We’re doing habitats for science and this ties in perfectly with the Year 4 national curriculum for science. There were plenty of activities to keep the children engaged throughout the day as well as time to take it all in and just enjoy being on the farm.

“These are town children most of whom have never been to a farm before, and it really did open their eyes because it’s such a different world from where they live. Mine have just been writing about it today, and they’re still enthusing about it. They’re still buzzing with it – it’s been the highlight of their year.

“Stuart was able to assess the children’s needs very quickly so there weren’t any behaviour issues because of the way he dealt with the children. I identified a child with special needs to Tessa very early on and that child’s needs were catered for. I was very, very impressed.”