The Trust’s Estates in Dorset

The Trent Estate
2,100 acres

The Trent Estate, in north Dorset, covers just under 2,100 acres. It was acquired by Ernest Cook in 1935 and he held it in particular affection, even arranging for his domestic staff to retire there. Trent was the last estate to be added to the Trust’s portfolio, only becoming part of the holding in 1961.

Of all the estates passed to the Trust, this one is closest to the traditional concept of a country estate, although the Manor House was sold off in 1956. The Trent village and its surroundings are extremely attractive; many of the stone built cottages and houses (36 of which are owned by the ECT) are thatched and two in particular, Flamberts and The Chantry are architecturally important.

Much of the farmland surrounding the village, all of which is owned by the ECT, is of very high quality compared with the land elsewhere on the Trust’s estates – most of the estate is managed under the Higher Level Scheme. The land is currently held in four farm tenancies.

Over the years, and in keeping with the traditions of responsible land ownership, the Trust has helped the local community in a number of ways; not only has it ensured that housing is available for local people of all ages, but it has also supported the Trent post office, shop and village hall.

FlambertsThe ChantryTrent post office

Focus on Forest School: Trent Estate in Dorset

Forest School on ECT's Trent EstatePupils from Trent Young’s C of E Primary School have been taking a regular Monday afternoon walk to their Forest School session in the woodland on ECT’s Trent Estate.
Forest School on ECT's Trent EstateThe children, aged seven to nine, chose from a range