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A child’s formative years have an enormous impact on lifelong environmental concerns and nature connectedness

I am going to ensure we have a weekly slot to continue our Outdoor Learning as it was quite amazing how well they treated each other, and how much more willing they were to learn when the session was outdoors and very practical.
Teacher, woodland session
Schools Programmes

All our Schools Programmes aim to build positive relationships between young people and natural spaces, enabling them to benefit from the strongly evidenced psychological impacts of time outdoors, increasing the likelihood of future pro-environmental behaviour.

Each Programme offers long-term support to the schools who need this most. We do not charge for our service, and are constantly working on ways to break down barriers to participation in Outdoor Learning. We have two objectives:

  • To increase schools’ ability to deliver the curriculum through Outdoor Learning
  • To support delivery for the schools and students in greatest need

Our approach is to listen to the priorities and concerns of each school, then design Outdoor Learning projects and sessions to meet these needs. As a result, interventions are likely to have multiple aims: national curriculum links and/or improvements in behaviour and attitude to learning, and/or nurture and support for wellbeing, alongside nature connectedness.

We make Outdoor Learning a positive experience for everyone; it should become a key tool for schools, enhancing academic attainment, wellbeing and environmental engagement.