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For all news-related enquires about The Ernest Cook Trust, please contact our Press Officer Jo Smyth on 07780 639287, or email via this link.

General background content for editors

The Ernest Cook Trust is one of the UK’s foremost providers and funders of Outdoor Learning.

The Trust helps children and young people, their families and communities, particularly those who are underserved, nurture a lifelong journey of learning, appreciation and respect for the outdoors.

Established in 1952, The Ernest Cook Trust remains deeply rooted in its founder’s love of the countryside, owning more than 9,000 hectares of land across six English counties from Cumbria to Dorset.

The Ernest Cook Trust carries out its educational work on and beyond these estates, through grant funding activities and through partnerships and collaborations with like-minded organisations who share a passion for Outdoor Learning.

Around £2m per year is awarded in grants by The Ernest Cook Trust, funding UK-wide activities that help children and young people forge greater connections to nature.

The Ernest Cook Trust uses its considerable experience and knowledge to influence the debate around the environment, nature, farming and sustainability.

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