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Doing the Mud-Wiggle

Forest School sessions with pre-school children at Redwood

Jumping in puddles and getting stuck in mud was all part of the fun for the children of Widden Pre-School during their regular Forest School sessions at Redwood Outdoor Learning Centre in Slimbridge on our Slimbridge estate.

Doing the ‘mud-wiggle’ to escape thick muddy puddles was just one of the many things they learnt during their twice weekly sessions led by the Trust’s Outdoor Learning Officer, Umbareen Daniels.

“Some children who have struggled to maintain attention and focus in the nursery setting have been delightful at Redwood, eager to show me things: leaves, worms, caterpillars, oak apple galls that they have found, asking questions and always smiling, even when they fall in the mud!”

Staff at the pre-school report that the regular Forest School sessions have had a huge impact on the children, helping develop their confidence and ability to remember information, developing their curiosity and independence, as well as tremendous improvements to their language and descriptive vocabulary.

For many who have very limited access to outdoor settings, Forest School has been a portal to a new and exciting world, the start of a lifelong relationship with the natural environment.

There is always a lot of laughing too!