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Youth, Power & Influence

Our first Youth Advisory Board

The launch of our Green Influencers Scheme in 2020 also sparked the creation of our first ever Youth Advisory Board (YAB). This group of 14-20 year-olds has the important role of appraising applications for grants submitted by Green Influencers looking to fund their environmental social action projects.

The Youth Advisory Board has significant power and influence, as grants are worth up to £5000 each, supporting diverse projects that are deemed most worthy of the Trust’s support, bringing lasting benefits to local communities and the environment in disadvantaged regions of England.

Speaking about the motivation behind the Youth Advisory Board, the Trust’s Chief Executive Dr Victoria Edwards says,

Inspired by teenagers like Greta Thunberg and Dara McAnulty, scores of young UK citizens have been leading the climate change and wildlife crisis debate in the last couple of years. The Trust’s Green Influencers Scheme and Youth Advisory Board help empower young people to positively engage in environmental social action projects.

Members of the Youth Advisory Board were recruited with the help of the National Youth Agency, #iwill and other match funders associated with the Trust. They are a diverse range of young people who are passionate about environmental social action with a desire to contribute, regardless of their experience.

The Board has been meeting virtually, in line with COVID restrictions, which has actually proved to be a positive, given their England-wide geographical locations. They are each given opportunities to learn and develop new skills, working closely with our Grants team on the grant application process and appraisal methods, in order to properly inform and advise Trustees’ grant-giving decisions.

Each member of the Youth Advisory Board has brought vital energy, enthusiasm and their own unique viewpoint to the Green Influencers Scheme. Our aim is to incorporate more of this throughout the Trust by establishing YABs in other aspects of our work.
Robyn Riddoch, Project Manager at the Trust

One final word from YAB member Lorna, speaking at the Green Influencers Scheme’s 1st Annual Conference in March 2021,

It’s our different experiences and opinions that, when all collated together, make for an unstoppable force leading the Green Influencers Scheme.