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BBC Radio Cumbria visits Low Beckside Farm

Candid conversations from a busy lambing shed

Hector Meanwell, Dr Victoria Edwards and John Rowland at Low Beckside Farm

Susie Grainger and Dr Victoria Edwards talking to local young people in the lambing shed

We invited BBC Radio Cumbria’s Helen Millican to Low Beckside Farm during our first lambing season. Her interview gives a fascinating insight into life on our upland farm, which currently plays host to students from Kendal College, and 700 new-born lambs!

The conversation features our Chief Executive, Dr Victoria Edwards, Outdoor Learning Officer, Susie Grainger and Farm Manager, John Rowland, plus a student’s first-hand account of her time at Low Beckside.

It’s given me a lot of opportunities for the future.
Kendal College Student at Low Beckside Farm
Learning from the land is what we’re all about, and what more can you get than a farm on the side of a hill in Cumbria - that is learning from the Land!
Susie Grainger, Outdoor Learning Officer for the Trust based in Cumbria
Having seen the enthusiasm that you provide, and that you then engender in the young people that come to you, it’s really exciting.
Helen Millican, BBC Radio Cumbria presenter