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Going Green on the Radio

On air with BBC’s Jon Smith talking about the impact of The Green Influencers Scheme in Gloucestershire

Amy Pickford (front row, 1st left) with fellow Green Mentors at the Annual Green Influencers Scheme Conference in Derbyshire, March 2022

The airwaves went green in June when our Chief Executive, Dr Victoria Edwards and Green Mentor Amy Pickford chatted to BBC Radio Gloucestershire’s Jon Smith about The Green Influencers Scheme.

Amy works as one of the scheme’s Green Mentors for Young Gloucestershire, a countywide charity who support disadvantaged young people facing challenges in their lives. As a Green Influencers Scheme Host Organisation, Young Gloucestershire receives funding from The Ernest Cook Trust enabling them to employ Amy to work as a Green Mentor. This involves recruiting young people from schools and youth clubs and helping them engage in local social action and environmental projects.

The support given to Green Mentors by the Trust has been key to its growing success,

In terms of the support from The Ernest Cook Trust, that was really strong from the get-go.

Speaking about The Green Influencers Scheme, Dr Victoria Edwards was keen to stress the importance of the Green Mentors’ role,

The whole thing is unlocked by people like Amy.
I’ve always thought it was important to educate the younger generation because essentially they are the ones who are going to have the power and influence to make a change in the future.
Amy Pickford, Green Mentor with Young Gloucestershire for The Green Influencers Scheme


Editor’s Note: In the interview, the Heritage Lottery Fund is inadvertently referred to as one of the scheme’s funders, this should have been the National Lottery Community Fund.

The Green Influencers Scheme was developed by The Ernest Cook Trust in 2019 as a match-funded project with the #iwill Fund. Both the #iwill Fund and The Ernest Cook Trust will provide £1.5million resulting in a total of £3million to be spent over 3 years on youth environmental action.