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BBC Radio Gloucestershire heads outdoors

Talking ‘Outdoor Weeks of Learning’ at Farms for City Children


Listen to BBC Radio Gloucestershire at Farms for City Children

Talking with the children about halter-training their lambs

BBC Radio Gloucestershire’s Dave Smith with Sarah White and Stevie Edge-McKee

BBC Radio Gloucestershire’s Dave Smith learnt a valuable lesson when he visited a very unique farm in the county – don’t forget your wellies!

He was there to talk to school children who were on day four of their ‘Outdoor Week of Learning’ at Farms for City Children’s Wick Court, who are part of The OWL Collaboration.

The conversation features Stevie Edge-McKee (Farm School Manager), Sarah White (Programme Manager for The OWL Collaboration), children from Moat Primary Academy in Gloucester and a lamb called Rainbow (amongst others).

We invite you listen to this clip, as featured on Nicky Price’s BBC Radio Gloucestershire show. It’s a perfect snapshot of what The OWL Collaboration is all about.

A visiting teacher recently said, 'We can see the lights of Gloucester from the farm, and yet it’s an absolute world away and the children feel like they’re in some kind of dream.'
Sarah White, Programme Manager for The OWL Collaboration

Stevie Edge-McKee, talking about the ‘wins’ children gain from their Outdoor Week of Learning, added:

The win is every learning opportunity they get while they’re here. …It might be choosing food that they’ve never eaten before. …For some children, it’s about connecting with an animal and that element of wellbeing. …For some, it’s about realising that they have value.

The residential was made possible through The OWL Collaboration, find out more about this programme here: