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The Learning Estate

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The world is changing and continues to present new environmental, economic, social and health challenges. This is the context in which we undertake one of our boldest projects to date – The Learning Estate. By assessing our estate management practices, assets and resources, we aim to identify new opportunities for greater influence and impact over the next decade.

Our Little Dalby estate in Leicestershire is the location for this longterm collaborative project. It will be a transparent and inclusive learning experience, attracting interest from the widest variety of stakeholders. We seek to become a beacon for the future of estate management, cementing our role as influencers in the debate around the environment, farming and sustainability. 

We can’t and don’t want to do this alone. To effect the levels of impact we hope to make, we will work collaboratively with subject matter experts, and seek match funding opportunities where possible and appropriate.

If you share our excitement for this unique project and have a vested interest in its aims, we’d like to hear from you.

Start a conversation about working alongside the Trust.

What more delightful avocation than to take a piece of land and by cautious experimentation to prove how it works. What more substantial service to conservation than to practice it on one’s own land?
Aldo Leopold